Merry Christmas! – FULL version license discount

Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you and your family ^^.

We offer a discount on Manga Downloader Lifetime license, only 14,95$ (24,95), limited time!

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and Anime Downloader Lifetime license, only 19,95$ (29,95), limited time!

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Please click on above buttons to buy, we will send the serial  from 30 minutes12 hours after receiving the payment.

  1. flooir says:

    senmanga not working anymore,please fix it.

  2. dwi maihut says:

    here i make some mirror link :
    may i ask you? if you that desperately earn money like this shit way, then why don’t you make something like “verifying user to your server before using domdomsoft software” huh? it’s still breakable though… but at least you make day hard for cracker/scanlator which hate you

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