DomDomSoft Manga Downloader version 5.0.9 release

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In this release:

  • KissManga, Nekopost, MangaTraders bugs fixed.
  • Anity bug fixed.  Please go to DMD folder => Data folder, delete AnityData . Then open the program, switch to Anity to re-download the data file.
  • Remove OurManga, MangaFire, MangaKun.
  • DoujinMoe fixing will be delayed because the site has not been stable yet.
  • If you have the error “Cannot connect to DomDomSoft server“, maybe it’s because of Malwarebytes. This software blocks our server for no reason. Please add to the whitelist or change firewall/antivirus software to fix this problem.

Sorry because we cannot add new manga sites in the past months. We’re too busy to maintenance the software and find the way to block cracked version.


Please report errors and request new features via email (please provide information such as website name, chapters name, manga name etc. if you report errors).

For FULL version users, you can request new manga sites.  Please request via and tell us what’s good point of them that existed sites in DomDomSoft Manga Downloader do not have.

  1. vesau189 says:

    I just wonder how to add to whitelist

  2. kidpixo says:

    I’m a FULL VERSION (Lifetime license) owner.

    Starting with the version 5.0.9 I got really odd manga using the “Trim white space” option on.
    The only option I found is to switch off the trimming.

    I’m running under it under Wine on Mac OSX 10.7.2.

    Any idea?


  3. dothackjhe says:

    I uses both Malwarebytes’ and Avast! side-by-side on this computer and am having trouble connecting DomDomSoft to the server as of recent. How do we add ‘’ to the whitelist of either or both software?

    dothackjhe Reply:

    Apparently, Malwarebytes’ website blocking option being enabled causes the issue. Disabling it fixing things for me. With it on, I can’t connect to the server using DomDomSoft Manga Downloader and can’t download the installer from this blog.

    dothackjhe Reply:


  4. fullgameht says:

    Can’t update List comics word

  5. mikatamo says:

    I need help with file webp i can’t read file webp

  6. R-Switch says:

    hentai2read,socio and fakku are not able to update rest are working fine please look into this problem as soon as possible..

  7. hung4444 says:

    cannot connect to server of: vnsharing, batoto, eatmanga….

  8. hung4444 says:

    vnsharing, batoto, eatmanga….cannot reach to the sever.

  9. hung4444 says:

    can’t connect to vnsharing, batoto, eatmanga.

    hung4444 Reply:

    I’m sorry, I have some erro connection. I didn’t mean spam post.

  10. Katylar says:

    Hi! Great program. I’ve been a FULL user for 2 years now. I just wanted to know if it would be possible to add this feature: SYNC Bookmarks with (BAKA).

    After around 3 years of use, I’ve had my fair share of crashes that have required me to reinstall the application. Most times, I need to rebuild my Bookmarks all over again.

    I’ve been really diligent with the Back-up feature, but sometimes accidents happen.

    If not, is there anyway to “merge” backups? I have multiple back-ups from different Laptops. There’s some overlap. It’d be great if I could merge them so I have one database.


    HcDohl Reply:

    Although I never encounter the crash (considering lucky enough)

    Its a very good suggestion. I also need the merge backup.

    and dunno if other peeps encounter it or not but sometime my bookmark doesn’t bold and not in green color at the mangalist.

  11. hung4444 says:

    I don’t understand. Can u make it more clearly?

  12. fadust says:

    can u add it has quite big selection (database), that many of generic manga site dont have, with good quality scanlation.

    please kindly consider this

  13. joewono says:

    Everytime I click “OK” in Queue Manager, Domdomsoft is not responding

    if I close it by force, my history and boormark is gone

  14. Speedmanga says:

    Sếp ơi, tình hình là VNSharing bị lỗi, khi down truyện có file ảnh trên 2mb ( mấy trang màu thường trên 2mb ) thì bị lỗi file ảnh ở phần rìa nhá. Ví dụ ảnh có dung lượng 3mb thì chỉ down về là 2mb, sếp sửa lỗi nhanh nhé :D

  15. Ralph says:

    I can’t download anything from Starkana. Its the same kind of bug like KissManga had no pic of any chapter is shown.

  16. hhendryyy says:

    how do we add at whitelist?
    how do we change the firewall to fix the problem?

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