DomDomSoft Manga Downloader version 5.0.1 release

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Some users reported bugs without mention about Manga name and chapter name, they’re most important information so we cannot resolve all reports. Please report again properly.

In this release:

  • MangaInn, PervEden, SenManga, ReadManga bugs fixed.
  • Add MangaPanda (In English scan groups).


Please report errors and request new features by commenting here (please provide information such as website name, chapters name, manga name etc. if you report errors).

If you want to request new manga sites, please tell us what’s good point of them that existed sites in DomDomSoft Manga Downloader do not have.

Full changes log

  1. ath7 says:

    Can you add please?
    It’s the same as, but unlike it, there are mostly only ecchi manga here.

  2. Feniz says:

    Come on add batoto for all languages

  3. Nura says:

    This error message comes all the time when I try to run it,”The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.” Why is this happening? Could you help?

  4. acg0194 says:

    Can you add please?

    It is NoManga’s new website.

    Thank you!

  5. xibalba88 says:

    Like acg0194 said could you add please? Besides being Nomanga’s new website the provide High Quality manga and manhwa and complete new projects fast. Besides the good work they do they also host many manga that are not compressed and resized like many other sites who ruin the art with pixelation and distortion just to save space on their servers. So in conclusion Please Please PLEASE add Check them out and you’ll see that they are great and really do a good job hosting and working on their projects.

  6. izis says:

    FC when checking bookmark at MangaInn, Please fix

  7. doombolt0 says:

    After Batoto’s maintenance March 18 2013 i got majer errors

    1st: cannot update Batoto’s list i got “Time out when getting Batoto list!” error,

    2nd: i cannot download any wibtoons with long strip fromat from Batoto like Orange Marmalade, Tower of God and Under Prin, i got “Completed with error(s)” , i still can download mangas
    maby there is more bugs,
    i hope you fix them as soon as can
    thanks .

    rhayn Reply:

    I got this error too, I can’t update the manga list. I can still check bookmarks and download chapters, though.

    Also, please add
    The reason as I stated previously. Wish you consider it. :)

  8. gundam1554 says:

    I can’t download fakku, please fix

  9. xibalba88 says:

    Like the other members said, comic strips like Nobless, Tower of god, and other popular comic strips wont load or download after the upadate in batoto servers on the 18th of march.

  10. france leon says:

    anyone can you tell me where i can download Go-Q-Choji Ikkiman (Battleball)… thank you

  11. kneecow bellslime says:

    just bought full version, how do i download/start it up? when i open the app it starts the limited version

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