DomDomSoft Anime Downloader 1.2.3 release

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In this release:

  • Fixed crash issue.
  • Some (new) anime will not have information, we will fix this issue in next version.


Please report errors and request new features by commenting here (please provide information such as anime name, episode name etc. if you report errors).

You need .Net Framework 3.5 or 4.0 in order to use this software.

  1. mizamk says:

    i think you can add for medium quality/size

  2. Universal Sweetheart says:

    Ok as for the anime downloader i am currently using the 1.2.3 which is the latest version and still i face the common problem. I access the profiles from the list of anime get all the episodes available except when i’m ready to download….i can’t It keeps saying

    Device is not ready
    (Make a directory)

    When i click ok it says

    Directory doesn’t exist

    I try this with every version i download and i get the same results i have friends who don’t have this problem. I have DomDom Manga downloader and it is like a goddess at my fingertips but believe when i say its not my laptop…so…wtas happening here?

  3. Hunter says:

    Do you have Shakugan no Shana Second English Dub?

  4. Griffin says:

    A great program, despite having just come out of the beta version.

    But when compared to your manga down-loader, I noticed there were some areas where it could use improvement:

    1) the episode list of some of the series (like bleach) is entirely mixed up.

    2) The names of the episodes themselves could be streamlined a bit more.

    3) Just like we can download the same manga from multiple sites in the manga downloader, is it possible to have multiple sites\uploaders listed where we can download different sizes of the same episodes? The current episodes linked in the anime down-loader are already very high quality, but not all of us have the Hard disk size to keep them. (in other words, episodes along the 100MB size, smaller screen size included).

  5. IchigoRadiance says:

    Great programs, both the manga and anime downloader. I have had a couple of problems. My internet sometimes goes through periods where connections are reset immediately, sort of like a dropped call( I get my internet through a usb aircard, so I think that is caused by high traffic). Normally for most tasks it is but a minor inconvenience, but at least for the anime downloader, I have noticed that this is causing it to hang on certain downloads. They always complete once they actually start downloading so the problem isn’t so much an incomplete download. The problem is that I have to manually stop the download, and resume in order for it to start downloading the next file or part in the case of multipart videos, otherwise it just says “now loading” in the status column. So perhaps a way to check for when nothing is being downloaded and retry would be a great feature. The other problem is a bit more serious. I’m not sure what is causing it, but it too might be caused by my connection drops. It causes the anime downloader to crash, sometimes with windows giving the “this program had to quit” (or something like that anyway)error, or just throwing up a message about an unhandled execption giving the option to debug. The manga downloader hasn’t crashed any, so it’s probably limited to the anime downloader.

  6. Tisata says:

    Hello,i’ve bought recently your program and its awesome,but i have one problem with it.
    If it’s not hard for you,can you add a feature that tells us if the anime is subbed or dubbed?
    I’ve downloaded a couple of animes like Beck and Cowboy bebop and i’ve been dissapointed that they are dubbed(even if the dub is great)
    Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

  7. flooir says:

    can you please add Black Lagoon?
    i was surprised when i haven’t seen it in the list.

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