Merry Christmas! – FULL version license discount

Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you and your family ^^.

We offer a discount on Manga Downloader Lifetime license, only 14,95$ (24,95), limited time!

<offer expired>

Please click on above buttons to buy, we will send the serial  from 30 minutes12 hours after receiving the payment.

  1. deathmota says:

    submanga this with many problems, some mangas do not work, some can only see a couple of chapters and others disappeared from the list (example: id great fusion fantasy), most of the mangas can not see or download, are all images loading to infinity, for example: Nana to Kaoru (from chapter 13 and up not charge any).

    the majority of the mangas are in the same situation as nana to kaoru.

    Thank you.

  2. Rainhawk says:

    I buy one licence. I wait for serial number.

    Rainhawk Reply:

    I receiver serial number already.

  3. Jamesfinal says:

    Hi, Merry Christmas DomdomSoft,
    I just recently pay for Christmas Discount…
    really like your product so when I saw the Christmas discount, I just pay it without second thought..
    Thanks for your great work

    Jamesfinal Reply:

    Got the license.. Thanks

  4. White_Raven says:

    Hi & Merry Christmas :)

    I have just paid for full licence. I was willing to pay for a one year full version lic, but when I saw this discount I could not stop myself from getting lifetime one :)

    Thx for the offer. Now I will wait for serial number.

    White_Raven Reply:

    Wow, that was quick :)

  5. nutsu says:

    Is great But
    Nekopost[thai manga] cannot use because last week this website update

    I hope it can use next version

  6. KevinOctavianus says:

    how do i get the serial number? by e-mail? :) ,,,and,is the serial number have an expired date or what,because my computer is stolen and i need to save up for a new notebook,so,,,,,can i save the serial number for 1 year ? :)
    #sorry if my english is freaking bad

  7. rhayn says:

    Copied from my comment on 4.9.5 release:
    I don’t know why, but I can’t autoupdate to 4.9.5 (I use 4.8.5).
    I always get ‘Unable to connect to remote server’ and then the program shuts down. I don’t think it’s my connection, since I can download from other sites just fine.

    Could you make quickfix or maybe possible troubleshooting?
    I can update manga list without problem.

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    Check to see whether antivirus block DAD connections, if u have full version, plz contact live support.

  8. iwasdead says:

    when will this offer end?

  9. dator97 says:

    good person to do business with excellent support if needed

  10. clashe says:

    hello, sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this but dm5 and MH99770 appear to be broker. Whatever I try to download just returns the same images for each page. (MH99770′s image seems to be a credits page, DM5′s returns a picture of an angry girl saying “请到www.dm5.com官方进行正常浏览“ and my Chinese isn’t great but I think it is saying to please go to the official dm5 site to read…?) Maybe add different Chinese sites in the next update, or find out why this is happening. Thank you!

    clashe Reply:

    *broken, sorry for typo

  11. gokusan says:

    is the issue with the settings resetting every time i upgrade fixed? it’s annoying to have to remember my user preference every time i upgrade.
    also, i unfortunately missed the sale a few weeks ago. do you know when the next sale will be? i am fine with the free version but i want to support the developer.


    DomDomSoft Reply:

    I can upgrade normally without lost setting.

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