About the DomDomSoft Manga Downloader crack got popular

Hi, this is sad news.

In the past week, we can only sell 1 year license of DomDomSoft Manga Downloader. It means we can only earn about 1 USD/day. I think it’s because of the crack of DomDomSoft Manga Downloader got popular.

We tried our best to make useful software, but we have hard time now.

We’re not big company like Microsoft or Apple, we’re poor. Not many people purchase DomDomSoft Manga Downloader so it’s hardly to cover a cost of food, my co-workers payment. I’m so stress about it.

So please, if you find any crack please report it to the file hosting owner to delete it, we need your help to keep DomDomSoft alive!

Thanks :(

  1. tobing_bismar says:

    I just want to confess that i was a user of DDM Cracked Version,
    i quit use it , early of this year.

    i just want to give an advice for the developer to make an evolution of the software, which mean that good if u use third partial of your software support the online check in a middle of downloading manga’s.
    so, if there is unregistered license will be automatically reset to limited.

    an about the payment, it’ll be good if u use local bank account for payment.

    dont ever think to retire your work even the hardest thing is coming out, you’ll get more than this on your process.


    Sat Reply:

    Well if you did that at-least you can tell the developer what you did so developer can close vulnerability and fix it with next update.

  2. Krug says:

    Just suggestion from me, you guys maybe should provide a login system exclusively for premium user who access the program, when user login to DDM server, the server will check the validity of the user and the program, maybe that way would prevent the program getting pirated. As for free user, it’s already good as it is now.

    sorry for my bad english btw :p

  3. riezvi says:

    Try to use DaoPay maybe for payment?

  4. Prisonerofheaven says:

    I like Krug’s idea, maybe a login system for premium users is the solution. I love this software and purchased a lifetime license.

    The people who used the crack for this software sould be ashamed, they are not true manga fans, the true manga fans should support software like Domdomsoft Manga Downloader.

    I hope you find a solution and continue improving this software. Thanks for your effort and work.

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    It’s quite annoying for premium user, sometime your ISP has problem so you cannot connect to domdomsoft server.

    Kairi Reply:

    I was gonna write that!
    Luv ya!! *hugs you like a fan-girl :p*

    Saihafire Reply:

    It’s a bit stupid to think like that no? A REAL manga fan would buy ALL of the manga’s he want’s to read or borrow from the library as to support the author when it’s licensed. Don’t complain about it if your country doesn’t get licenses when you spout crap about being a real fan. if you’re a real fan, LEARN JAPANESE THEN, and there are plenty of site who would ship the manga tankoubon releases

    Crome Reply:

    Yeah thats right :)

    Quirks Reply:

    No offense but please either shut up or atleast THINK before writing such stupid & narrow-minded comments. Its very hard to learn a new language, even japanese. You might have the time for it but some people here are busy with other things too, say like, STUDIES?
    So please wuit the ‘REAL FAN’ crap! X(
    As for buying, well not everyone is filthy rich enough (like you) to have a credit card & that leaves them with this option!X(
    Tell me one thing, though. If you are so against reading free online mangas, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?!?!

    haml0u Reply:

    He never did say his a real fan, though. I kind of agree with his real fan theory. Well, there’s no problem for reading manga as a not ‘real fan’, I’m okay with it.

    Nano Reply:

    That idea of Krug , same as way of cheathapen.com. IT is good idea, but it difficult with me and the other nation. VD : china, india. ISP deny all if domdomsoft work on krug’s idea. Sorry for my bad english

    ilovekazehikaru Reply:

    Wrong. True manga fans would buy the real books instead of reading online.

  5. Crome says:

    Another Issue what could raise up some events is the fact, there are now free Apps with advertise to download those Mangas on Smartphones. So you can just plug your phone on computer, download via Phone and copy\paste on Computer.

  6. wolf says:

    yay! i found the crack for the new version! now i dont have to pay for this crap! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    blass Reply:

    Are you empty in the head or maybe you do not understand why this post was made by domdomsoft?

    Quirks Reply:

    Go to hell, stupid. Just why did u come here? To sympathise or to make feel worse?

    BOH-Ehm Reply:

    He is a Kind Of FREAK, U know…(^_^)

    This Software Really Awesome..!

    Like my hope finally answered, when I found this software.

    That is annoying when U read one-by-one pages in slow connection internet.

    Even In trial Version of this Software, I’m getting excited.

    Like I have all happiness being manga lover…!

    Throw the “wolf” guy out and hit with a giant hammer..! [sweat](‘-_-)

  7. Fantastiic says:

    If this program is writtin in C#, i can work for you for free :) might be a help.

  8. NQuang17 says:


    I found one here.

    Nano Reply:

    This is old version(.4.8.1 ) . Now, version 4.8.2 don’t have crack. But it will have soon after 4.8.3 …….

  9. Kairi says:

    Awwww those crack-ers are sooo mean!!! X(
    Well, I dont really know what you mean by ‘cracks’ or how they work (some sort of ‘hacking?’ tools) but i wanna say this:-
    Why dont you do something which will stop those cracks?
    I mean, you said above after new version is released (CANT WAIT!!!), remove the old version completely after giving a time-limit of about a month so peoplecan download newer one!!!
    How’s that????
    Gud Luck!!
    Oh & right now i got under-graduate course in computers(yay!!) so after i learn that, I’d like to help you too! Dont worry about salary & stuff!
    I dont need them! I just work on some manga or anime site as a hobby!!

  10. SailorTurkey says:

    I am a seasoned developer in C# and embedded systems and i just want to say that i am using free version of this software. After reading these comments i went ahead and disassembled and checked mangadownloader. it took me like ten minutes to come up with an idea of cracking your web service based authentication. To avoid ‘crack’ or ‘hack’, dont put premium options in your ‘free’ application at all.

    When people buy your premium version, send them a ‘downloader’ application with a one-time login information. This ‘downloader’ application will then send say for example ‘CPU ID’ to your registration web service with login information. Then you create a RSA pair encrypting that ‘CPU ID’.

    Have your ‘downloader’ application, download your premium software along with this rsa decpyption .key.

    But here is the point, do not check rsa using c#, instead use C to validate if decrypted CPU ID is the same as the cpu id of the current system.

    Call that C sub routine from your C# application via marshalling.

    This will allow an authentication witout web services, disallow copy&pasting to another pc, using C will obviously make it harder to disassemble. (One way to make things harder for the hacker is to use spaghetti code in C code)

    Just a vogue idea. As a thanks for this applcation if you accept

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    Oh but the problem is we allow DMD license use in many machine (home computer, laptop, working computer …), as long as only 1 person use it.
    Thanks for your suggestion and I will research about it!

  11. Cherubi says:

    this is quite upsetting to read however, as all the payments say dollars and im from the UK i wouldnt know where to start and i wouldnt feel confident sending my money overseas :(
    i love the manga downloader, but the fact that you making so little upsets me dearly

  12. a1nk says:

    i’m a free user and i haven’t tried to hacked your software.

    but i’ll give you some comment.
    it’s like a karma,

    1. Scanlation manga (comic) = Pirating, so free mangareader website is not legit. it will make an official comic not sold enough.
    2. So when you provide a mangadownloader software, it’s same with give a support to ilegitimate activity.

    that’s why i just download a free version of domdomsoft.

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