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Hi guys :D

As I said before, Anime Downloader is the website. We use Mediafire to host the anime. is a new website and does not have many anime but we are uploading new anime everyday. You can request the anime too, we will try our best to upload it for you.

What do you think?

  1. Remi says:

    In what language are they? it doesn’t say on your website

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    English of course :D

    Ornews Reply:

    Sub or Dub ??

  2. Eishun says:

    just for an advice..

    1.sub must english and have their subbers name
    2.format .avi would be the best, if not .mkv
    3.LQ or HQ, actually LQ is ok
    4.keep updating a lot of website [mail me if you need a source,well it's from another website but if you want just download and re-upload up 2 u]


    DomDomSoft Reply:

    Internet has a lot of LQ Anime site so we want to upload MQ anime only (about 150MB~300MB/eps).

    Thanks for your advices.

  3. arthas says:

    file định dạng mkv thì những máy yếu xem khó lắm :(
    nên để file định dạng avi mà chất lượng hình ảnh cùng cỡ đó thì cũng đc mà

  4. Jimmy says:

    Wow..Another new project..
    Good luck.

  5. MyMine says:

    Babe, in the website at the banner (or something) it’s written Anime Dowloader and not downloader. is it on purpose? just asking ^_~

  6. Thu2 says:

    Hey good luck with your new project. Man!!! Just the Soft alone is already so convenient. You are pretty awesome for a Vietnamese guy lol (Jk). I would like to support you very much ^^

  7. Laiev says:

    Great job! Good luck, domdomsoft!

  8. heesukiki says:

    ㅠㅠ u r good man
    i wish what you do
    again thanks a lot
    ^^ you are awesome

  9. zeroblackcat says:

    i get a error. i try to download a anime that says it has episodes but wane i click it the number of episodes go away and i cant see any episodes please help

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    You mean anime downloader software? That software is temporary not working.

  10. jandyle says:

    Good Luck on this project! I so love your Manga Downloader. I cant wait to use this too XD

  11. jason says:

    are you still on the project for the release of a new version of anime downloader? I am really interrested in this software, and i am looking for LQ anime with the ability to stop then resume download like in the manga downloader, I have low connexion speed so can’t download anime from… if there is another software who can do this please let me know

    DomDomSoft Reply:

    Sorry I do not have plan to re-develop this.

  12. Noname says:

    Cám ơn Đom Đóm nhiều nha :D

  13. Hanukun says:

    websites down T_T

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