DomDomSoft Manga Downloader

Some manga viewer sites are very good websites to read manga online. But they don’t have a download section. Some people would prefer downloading from such sites because of reasons such as having low-speed internet or wanting to store manga. DomDomSoft Manga Downloader is just the software that helps you do it.


- Easy to use.
- Free to use!
- Supported manga sites:

  • English: TenManga, MangaFox, OtakuWorks, MangaInn, Batoto, MangaGo, AnimeA, MangaHere, MangaReader, MangaRush, StopTazmo, MangaAccess, KissManga, MangaPark, OurManga, EatManga, GoodManga, MangaTraders. DoujinMoe (Hentai), Fakku (Hentai), ReadIncestHentai (Hentai), Scio (Hentai), PervEden Hentai, Hentai2Read (Hentai), RedHawkScans, MangaStream, MangaTeers.
  • French: AnimeStory.
  • Spanish: SubManga, AnimExtremist.
  • Polish: MangaLib.
  • Indonesian: BacaManga, MangaFire, MangaBaru.
  • Thai: Nekopost.
  • Arabic: AnIsland, MangaAr, Manga-Latte.
  • Chinese: MH99770, DM5.
  • Turkish: Turkcraft.
  • Russian: ReadManga.
  • Portuguese: CentralDeMangas, PunchMangas.
  • Vietnamese: TruyenTranhTuan, Manga24h, MangaKun, VnSharing.
  • Italian: MangaEden.
  • German: MeinManga.

System requirement:

- Windows OS with NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5.



Download many manga at the sametime


Choose chapters to download


Advance Filter


Configure options


Queue System


Bookmarks System


DomDomSoft has LIMITED Version and FULL Version, see the comparison table! :D

  1. aziman says:

    can’t download data file from Batoto, DoujinMoe, Fakku, Hentai2Read, PervEden, ReadIncestHentai and Scio… can someone help me?

  2. tomodachi says:

    Hello, can you make an android app in the future, it would really be great and awesome ;) thanks for the hard work BTW.

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